The Polish Journal of Aviation Medicine, Bioengineering and Psychology

Kwartalnik Polskiego Towarzystwa Medycyny Lotniczej

2013, Volume 19, Issue 3

A Historical Look at the Biomedical Tests Conducted by Cosmonauts during the Orbital Flight Soyuz 30 / Salyut 6

Krzysztof Klukowski1, Franciszek W. Skibniewski2
1Instiute of Optoelectronics, Military University of Technology
2Military Institute of Aviation Medicine

Autor korenspondencyjny: Franciszek W. Skibniewski; Military Institute of Aviation Medicine; email: fskib[at]wiml.waw.pl

DOI: 10.13174/pjamp.19.03.2013.3

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The article presents biomedical experiments conducted by the first Polish cosmonaut, Maj. Mirosław Hermaszewski, with consideration being paid to the conditions and scientific importance of the experiments. Three experiments developed by Polish researchers, titled “Zdrowie” (“Health”), “Kardiolider” (“Cardioleader”) and “Smak” (“Taste”) are presented in detail. Names of the researchers and designers planning the biomedical experiments to be conducted on board of the SALYUT 6 station as well as the names of the designers of the physiotest, cardioleader and electrogustometer devices are also mentioned. This article is documentary in nature, and its objective is to present the achievements of the Military Institute of Aviation Medicine (MIAM) in the field of space medicine.

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biomedical experiments during orbital flights, biomedical experiments during orbital flights, physiotest, physiotest, cardioleader, cardioleader, electrogustometer, electrogustometer