The Polish Journal of Aviation Medicine, Bioengineering and Psychology

Kwartalnik Polskiego Towarzystwa Medycyny Lotniczej

2016, Volume 22, Issue 1

Psychometric Properties of Pressure Management Indicator Scale (PMI): the Preliminary Study on a Polish Sample

Monika M. MAŁKIEWICZ1, Aleksandra BORKOWSKA1, Zdzisław KOBOS1, Dominik GOŁUCH1, Jan F. TERELAK1
1Institute of Psychology, Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw

Autor korenspondencyjny: Monika M. MAŁKIEWICZ; Institute of Psychology, Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw; email: m.malkiewicz[at]uksw.edu.pl

DOI: 10.13174/pjambp.30.12.2016.03

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Introduction: The aim of this article is to present another step in the process of validation of the Polish version of the Pressure Management Indicator (PMI) scale by C.R. Cooper, H. Kahn and S. Williams that was adapted by J. F. Terelak and J. Lewandowska in the year 2000.

Methods: We present psychometric methods that were used for the analysis of the discriminative power of particular PMI items, reliability of its subscales and validity of the whole tool.

Results and discussion: Our validation analysis, performed in a group of 309 workers from the public sector, allows us to state that the results are satisfactory in terms of both reliability and validity of PMI. We found it necessary to perform further research in a larger sample to carry out factor analysis of the validated test.

Conclusion: The current version of PMI is characterized by good reliability and validity.

Słowa kluczowe

occupational stress, test validation, Pressure Management Indicator (PMI)