The Polish Journal of Aviation Medicine, Bioengineering and Psychology

Kwartalnik Polskiego Towarzystwa Medycyny Lotniczej

2016, Volume 22, Issue 2

Sleep Deficits and Executive Functions at Different Developmental Stages - Meta-Analysis

1Institute of Psychology, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan

Autor korenspondencyjny: Marta MOLIŃSKA; Institute of Psychology, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan; email: m.j.molinska[at]gmail.com

DOI: 10.13174/pjambp.31.12.2016.03

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Introduction: The aim of the article is to present the results of a meta-analysis of the relationship between sleep deficits and executive functions at different stages of human development (school age, young adults, older adults).

Methods:  The meta-analysis included 13 studies with a total of 625 participants, of which we extracted 24 comparisons regarding the age group, type of sleep deficiency, studied executive functions and their measurement methods.

Results:  Among the studied executive functions, sleep deficiency influenced cognitive shifting but had no relationship with inhibition of reactions or working memory.

Discussion:  The discussion focused on the differential influence of partial chronic sleep deficits, in comparison to a single instance of total sleep deficit, on executive functions.

Conclusion: This meta-analysis supports the need to conduct further research on the influence of lack of sleep on executive functions in larger studies and in participants at different stages of development.

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sleep deficit, executive function, cognitive flexibility, inhibition, meta-analysis